So, who is this Smudgie person? As if I’d tell you, random person that you might well be.

I am the single mum of two smashing boys whom (if you can’t tell) I love to bits. One lives at home with me, the other is currently serving two indeterminate sentences.

I used to be the teacher of a large gaggle of kids, many of whom had some difficulty in learning – either a struggle with it or an aversion to it or a combination of the two. So my job was to motivate, cajole, and break everything down into manageable chunks. I loved the work but hated the politics and the stress, so was glad when the opportunity arose to say goodbye to all that in response to God grabbing me by the scruff of the neck and dropping me on the outskirts of London to work with Action for Children caring for children with disabilities and complex health needs. Here I have found a true vocation… and what’s more, I’m paid to play on the Wii, blow bubbles, finger paint and go on trips here, there and everywhere.

I love music, reading, nature, spending time with animals and (in small doses) kids, my friends and my family, and simply being a part of God’s family.

My faith and my life are totally intertwined and God is my mainstay in all that life throws at me. Having finally given in petulantly to God’s perpetual nagging, I trained as a Methodist Local Preacher and was finally accredited in January 2012 in the presence of a fine gathering of friends and fellow Christians.

In addition to eldest son (formerly Tiddles) and the Smudgelet, my home is occupied by a rather enormous and ferocious tiger called Charlie and a varying quantity of small and incredibly ridiculous Roborovski hamsters called Pavlova.

In real life I am far more quiet, shy, boring, and totally disorganised.

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