New toys

I have two new toys and have been playing with them all day yesterday. I think today looks like being the same.
I also have visitors. Hence the reason for the toys.
Bl***y fleas!
But my new vacuum cleaner is lovely. And my new steam cleaner is epic.
The routine is: vacuum thoroughly (including moving all the furniture), shampoo carpets with the carpet cleaner my brother’s brought down for a couple of days, steam thoroughly with steam cleaner, spray with highly expensive flea spray, boil wash all the clothes, air the rooms… and, in a flurry of excitement at how nice the flat looks with newly cleaned carpets, dust and polish all the furniture and even wash down all the doors and skirting boards. The poor flat doesn’t know what’s hit it.
It had actually got into rather a bad state over the last three months while I’d been stuck in a job which was taking me fifteen hours a day to do, and as the job grew increasingly momentous, so my motivation to do it decreased.
But now… now……. now…………
I have the motivation, I have the time, I have the tools……….

Shame the weather’s such a sauna. But guess that’s doing me good too.

Any flea that survives this onslaught must be a megaflea.

Today we finish the last room, then move onto the garden patio with the pressure washer……….

One thought on “New toys

  1. Aaargh! Fleas!! Luckily we manage to keep them at bay with collars and regular grooming. But there are still some of the little blighters hopping around!

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