It’s meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Yes, here I am, back again like a bad penny.
It won’t be a long post seeing as I’m just getting ready for church.
But there may well be a few posts on their way, mainly to record for my own benefit the way God has been influencing my life just lately. Oh, and to introduce Millie.
It’s going to be interesting going to church this morning.
All through my life I have supported one particular charity through the church.
Today is the Sunday dedicated to a celebration (and awareness raising) of the work of that charity.
The charity is amazing. The work they do is second to none and a very large part of me is still proud to know that it arose from my Christian denomination (now no longer directly linked) and that I have been involved in the invaluable work they do, both as a fundraiser and as an employee. This is the part of me which I need to focus on this morning, and hand over to God the other bit of me.
At least I can go today secure in the knowledge that working for this charity when I did was God’s plan for me at that time, and that my new job is clearly God’s plan for me right now.
So, do I wear my charity t-shirt for the first time since I left? 😉