Daily Archives: November 22, 2012


The washing machine didn’t come today.
This is not good. I had gone off to work this morning full of anticipation of a sparkly new washing machine waiting in my sparkly clean kitchen (thanks, big brother) when I returned home for a few hours between my two shifts today. I’d even saved up a special load of washing to christen it with. But though the kitchen is sparkly and clean, the washing machine looks remarkably like my old one.

Still, they got my brother in the right mood – he’s waiting for a call regarding an appointment at the hospital tomorrow to find out what they’re going to do about his head. Boy, did he give them stick! The washing machine was promised for today – we have it here in blue and white (written in blue biro, not printed in black ink) – and it was only on his insistance that we purchased it from Currys in the first place, seeing as they were already in my black books for their attitude about a fault with my telly. So it sounds as though the machine will be here FIRST THING TOMORROW!

Meanwhile, he’s out on the drive fixing my car aerial, we hope. It’s rather nice having him here! 😉 . As I drove through the multi-storey carpark, the aerial bedoiiiiinnnnnggging on the ceiling joists, I thought to myself “it’s a good job I’m driving forwards, in the correct direction for it to twang safely, and not reversing”. It was only when I had parked in the parking bay and realised that I was going to have to reverse to get the car back out again that I realised there was going to be a problem. Bedooooiii…,SNAP!”

Me, next job on my list is cleaning out the hamsters. I’d rather be doing the aerial. There has been, yet again, a population explosion in the tank – from two hamsters we suddenly seem to have eight in that tank! I wonder how that happened!!! Worst thing is, while the babies are weaning you have to avoid cleaning the tank out, and the second brood of babies arrived before the first lot had properly left the nest, so .. er… it’s been a while! Something makes me think that maybe I’d better set up a third cage and separate off the hamsters with the tiny-extra-bit for a while. What do you reckon?