Taking the plunge

Tired of always taking and never giving; tired of saying “no” to so many things because I can’t even think of justifying paying for them; tired of seeing things I want to get/do for people and having to say no because they’re beyond my budget (even a £2 toy in a charity shop!); tired of wondering why we haven’t taken advantage of the £5 tickets at the Globe for an eternity and then realising why; tired of “waiting for the end of the month” from very close to the beginning of the month; I have given myself the kick up the backside I needed and applied for a second job.

It looks right up my street, and to tell the truth is the only sort of part time job I could fit in. It’s flexible and working from home mostly. It’s using the computer to produce worship materials and posters and other sundry bits and bobs. It will need plenty of self-discipline to fit it in, but the flexible and “at home” working means I can sit in the lounge and do it while the boy is watching interminable repeats of Top Gear and so appear companionable without being bored senseless. And I can easily use it to substitute for the time I fritter away at the moment on Bejewelled Blitz and the like.

I have an interview on Friday. The job could well have someone else’s name on it. I’m not holding my breath. But… oh, I am ready for it.

Meanwhile, this flat needs a really good sort out… just think, if I were to get the job I could maybe even spare a bit of the income to pay for a cleaner!

3 thoughts on “Taking the plunge

  1. Angry Birds was my Bejewelled Blitz for a while…

    Well done on getting the interview, and my prayers and best wishes for the interview on Friday.

  2. Catching up on news – not been here for a while. Everything crossed down here, too, for tomorrow’s interview. 🙂

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