Daily Archives: April 24, 2012


I just posted this on a friend’s facebook (you know who you are!) and realised that actually it was a moment in time worth recording for posterity..

The boy just had his hair cut. I nearly squawked on his behalf when I saw the barber make the first cut – but by then it was too late. I am resisting the temptation to call him “Shaun”. My poor boy, who did a good impression of a cross between a Highland Cow, a Yak and a Dulux Dog now looks more like my penguin avatar! I was a supportive mum and did not laugh (much)…. but not envying him his arrival at school this morning.

Still, he’s learned a lesson about listening to mummy. I’ve been nagging him to go to the barber’s since the beginning of his three week half term holidays, saying that he’d then have time to let it grow a little and not look quite so “newly cut” by the time he went back to school.

Good thing he’s gaining the maturity to laugh at himself…… poor lad!