Going nowhere

Well, the decision has finally been made – we’re going nowhere.
Six months of Smudgie Towers standing empty was more than enough for my bank account to cope with (a fact borne out by our recent experience of a weekend’s holiday beginning with the local cashpoint refusing to give me any more cash!) so I have finally bitten the bullet and arranged for the agents to put tenants in. The new resident moves in tomorrow. A long awaited day – suddenly my overdraft will be converted into just enough credit to last me until my wages go in at the end of the month.
Could we afford to move even into slightly bigger rented accommodation? Don’t be silly! This is the Surrey/Greater London border. We’re lucky to be able to afford anything bigger than a cardboard box.
So, we’re going nowhere.
At last, the excuse I needed to invest in some paint and decorate. I use the word “I” in its loosest possible form, of course. I am the one providing the constant supply of caffeine and spotting the “painter’s holidays”, my darling brother is the one roped in to doing the actual decorating whenever he can come down to stay for a few days. So it will be slow work. Alongside me trying to sort out some of the accumulated clutter. Not all of it – I actually quite like my cosy environment but do have rather more taking up our space than is actually comfortable. It would be nice to be able to see through the bedroom windows! I’ve even.. shock horror… put aside a pile of books to take round to the nearby bookseller to see if I can convert them to cash.

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