I’m all wight weally

Would you believe it’s two and a third years since I left the Isle of Wight?
Yesterday was the trip I’d sort of been dreading. The trip to begin the task of emptying the loft. A must, now, as I’ve sold the bungalow and am hoping against hope that the mortgage company let me buy the little three-bedroom terrace I’ve set my heart on.

Brainwave – a ridiculously early start would get me there in time to go to church.

I parked on the church carpark, smiling somewhat to see the car in its old familiar spot. Just time for breakfast before the service started. So I had a lovely nostalgic wander through Cowes. If ever you’re there, try The Octopus’ Garden, a ’60s reconstruction with Beatles music playing and proper “frothy coffee” ’60s style. I’d been there a couple of times before when I lived on the Island and plan to go a couple of times more. I love it.

Return to the car. What’s that under the windscreen wiper? A piece of paper: “Sorry, this is a private car park and in use every day of the week, especially Sundays. Please do not mistake it for a public car park. However our morning service begins at 10.30 and we would love to welcome you to come and join us, in which case you’re welcome to park here”. 😀

It was so lovely to be back. Everyone sadly looking so much older – but I was greeted with such love. And who should be preaching but Honorary Auntie Margaret! Of course, it wasn’t THAT much of a surprise, seeing as I’d rung her the day before to see if she’d be free for lunch.

Lunch with Margaret in a place new to both of us, but probably a place she’ll go back to – a little place beside the marina with a view of the boats and a seat in the sun, and plently of opportunity for indulgent catching up on news. It was a delight.

On to the bungalow – the bit I was dreading. But, I am delighted to say, no homesickness. It was interesting going round, remembering the rooms and what was in there, and going up in the loft. But no melancholy or tears. In fact it was far more fun than I’d feared, too, mainly because another good friend turned up at the door willing to help. Goodness, how I’d missed her! It was SUCH fun catching up.

Going up in the loft I was struck by how little stuff I could see up there. This was, however, not because there was less than I remembered. Quite the opposite. It was simply because the electricity had been switched off so there was no light. My friend was totally amused by the fact that the local tesco had only one suitable source of light on offer – a head torch! As it was, it proved perfect for the task, even if I did look a bit ridiculous. And now I have a car full of stuff, with nowhere to put it, and about a car-and-a-half of stuff still to collect (the perfect excuse for a visit and a half back to the Island within the next month or so).
The return ferry was really crowded and I found myself feeling uncustomarily seasick on the way back – a while since that has happened – but a good journey and a welcoming bed awaited me. And I really am All Wight, thank you for asking 😀