If I swore, this post title would be different

Looks like the sale of the bungalow has fallen through.
Your prayers, please, for four sets of devastated people – my buyer, her buyer who is unable to proceed and is also really upset, the owner of the house I am so in love with who will be totally thrown by the news too, and me and my boy.
I knew it was going too well. Who am I, that things should go smoothly for me when they go awry for so many others.
All things work together for good – there must be some purpose, but at the moment God alone knows what that purpose it. I can only leave it in God’s hand and allow myself a time of tears and coffee and steeling myself to tell my vendor to put his beautiful little house back on the market, knowing too well that it will be snapped up immediately.

6 thoughts on “If I swore, this post title would be different

  1. Oh… how disappointing…
    I’ve been there myself (in fact, I’ve just realised it was this week in 2004) and know how exhausting and wearing the whole experience can be. You have my sympathy.

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