Monthly Archives: September 2010

Saving money

I am trying very hard to economise.
This morning I paid a visit to Asda. I needed milk, coffee, bread and fruit.
I spent £112.
When loading the stuff into the car I realised I’d forgotten the coffee, so I nipped back in to get some.
How come my second bill was £70?
Still, I shouldn’t need to go shopping again for a day or two…. and I do have the self-righteous feeling of a freezer and cupboard and fridge full of everything I need for the boy’s packed lunches.
And no cake.

Step of faith

The Smudgelet has started his new school. In fact, he’s now done one complete week at his new school.

We still await news of funding. I am trying to trust and not worry about money. And truth be told, money is irrelevent in comparison with the treasure of seeing my son so much happier.

A new friend amongst many new friends; lessons in a class of between five and thirteen pupils; P.E. that even the most reluctant athlete stands a chance of enjoying; he’s ready for a break and this has such potential for him. He’s smiling; he’s talking positively about school; he’s out and about with his new friend and even determined to “like” playing football so that he can do his school justice in the inter-small-school matches. And it starts so very early in the morning that he’s also slowly learning the value of getting everything ready the night before!!! I must admit it’s also quite nice that he finishes just after I do when I’m on early shift and walks up to my work to grab a lift home with me or to go out for a walk together in the park if it’s fine.

I’m even enjoying making packed lunches. Who said I can’t cook?

Note to self

Next time a friend asks you to swap preaching dates on the plan with him, even if the swap is to your mutual advantage, remember to check and see how soon the new service actually is!

I will be ready by Sunday. Somehow, I will be ready by Sunday.