Monthly Archives: May 2010

Not sure who’s the winner here

Hmmm…. I am going to a charity plant sale. There I plan to buy some plants, giving the money to the person behind the stall, which just happens to be me. Because yes, I have volunteered at church to spend the morning of my day off raising money for the charity I work for. Does this mean I’m paying my own wages for an unpaid day’s work? At least I might get some nice plants out of it.

Which leaves me wondering, should I hope they’re being sold quite cheaply so that I can make my garden look nice? Or should I hope they’re being sold for a good price to raise more money for the project? And what if I were to buy some of the plants to put in our garden at the project?

Brain overload… brain overload…. just finish your cup of coffee, Smudgie, and get yourself off to the tennis club to sell some plants.


I took the wrong turning last night.
It was a bit of a disaster. We were on our way home from the pet shop, in a bit of a hurry as I had a herculean quantity of housework to get done before my sister descends this afternoon (hmm… at least I managed to get it to the “afraid you’ll simply have to take us as you find us as I haven’t had time to clean and tidy it” point by a bit of frantic cleaning before my 7am shift this morning! I may fall asleep while my sister’s here, but at least there’ll be a freshly made bed to fall asleep on!)

I turned left instead of right.
Shouldn’t have been a problem…. except that it took me onto a dual carriageway heading in totally the wrong direction.

Should have been simple. Two right turns a a left turn and surely I’d end up somewhere on the way to where I wanted to go, somewhere I recognised….

Well, that was the theory. As it turned out, we turned into a black hole of place names that I’d barely heard of and somehow went from East of home to West of home without actually bypassing any of the places in the vicinity of home. It was seriously weird…. and would have been quite fun had the traffic not been horrendous, my petrol tank running low, my belly empty, and the hovering knowledge that I had a hard night’s work ahead of me.

But all was not lost. It was worth every second of the stress and frustration. Because not only have I gained a bit of geographical knowledge about the whereabouts of some places I’d barely heard off (even if I still can’t quite work out HOW), but we also discovered a place which has now been recorded on the SatNav for visiting again. Suffice to say that the Smudgelet has identified the location on the “favourites” menu of the SatNav as…. “The best fish and chip shop ever”…. and at Isle of Wight prices rather than London prices.

As the Smudgelet said: “I really don’t want to say it but…. they’re even better than Terry’s” (Terry’s being our beloved and much-missed chippie on the Isle of Wight)

Who cares about the housework? Who cares about the petrol? Who cares if it is a ridiculous drive from our house to get the chips. Our bellies are full of hot stodgy delicious chips and we are content.

Raining cats and dogs?

No, it’s actually a beautiful day, apart from being somewhat chilly, but I bet the woman I passed on the way to work this morning wondered what was happening when a squirrel fell out of the tree straight onto her head!!!!

Green fingers

We went in for “Action for Children’s” Go Green Day with a vengeance.

Shame I didn’t have time to wash off the face paint from face and hands before I left work for home!

Barbecue season

It’s a good job my brother reads my online calendar. He rang me to say that he’d nearly accidentally gone to my dentist appointment, thinking that he was reading his own calendar instead of mine. Quick reorganisation of my plans to the day and rapid run to the dentist on my part to get there on time for my forgotten appointment!!!

The tooth that fell foul of the work’s toffee needed a crown. The dentist was lovely – reassuring about the work she would do, the promise of no pain, talking me through step by step what was happening.

Suddenly I saw the needle. “I’m really sorry – there will be a tiny bit of pain as a bit of gum has grown over the broken tooth and I need to move it… but I’ll give you a tiny injection and you won’t feel it”

(I recommend not reading on if you are of a queasy disposition)

She opened a cupboard and began sorting out a jumble of wires to free a rather worrying looking black box. “Cutting the gum would make it bleed and we don’t want that, so I’m going to use this instead. You won’t feel anything or get any bleeding at all. I just hope you like the smell and taste of barbecues!!!!”

Hmm… I taste rather good cooked!