OK, I hereby declare my intention of spending the next half hour a)vertical and b)sorting the kitchen out. At 10.15 I will reward myself with a cup of coffee and five minutes playing bejewelled. If you see me here before then, feel free to nag. And if you hear snoring, well, er, perhaps I need that coffee all the sooner!


Doing well – just got to keep this up. I did half an hour, with some serious help in the kitchen in the form of my MP4 player, the Smudgelet’s speakers, and Mamma Mia. 😀 The drain’s still blocked, but I called the landlord and there’s someone coming to furk out all the gunk and clean it – in the meantime the laundry will have to wait and the bowlsful of washing up water are being carried to the toilet – probably as good a form of exercise as any 😉 I’ve done two bowlsful of washing up already, cleared the fridge out, sorted the rubbish, and am feeling quite pleased with myself – focussing on the pleasure of completing a task and on the challenge of the next task ahead of me rather than letting myself think about the rest of the work that needs doing. Flylady would be proud of me, even if my sink isn’t shiny yet.

The timer is now set for a 15 minute break, complete with mug of coffee (bother, more washing up!) and then I’ll be up and at it again for half an hour.


Another break now and motivation still pretty good. The kitchen’s pretty good too. Still plenty to fill my time in there between now and work, but I can see my progress and that’s always a bit of a boost, isn’t it? Mind you, Mr Tesco was a bit of an interruption, though I’m glad I’d reached the stage where I could happily say to him “Bring the shopping through to the kitchen” rather than “It’s OK, you can just leave it here in the hall”. 😀

The Tesco Man also brought me a treat. No, not a box of chocolates. And the bottle of wine wasn’t for me, either. But… tada… a new baking tray. I’ve treated myself, seeing as all my baking trays were showing the effects of time and too much use. In fact, I do believe one may have been close to being an antique! I bet I’ll regret binning it, next time Antiques Roadshow is on! But what I don’t regret is my evil plan – I used each of my baking trays in turn before consigning them to the dustbin, and all for mucky things like chicken kiev. That’s some considerable washing up time saved 😀


Hmm… does eating lunch count as working or having a break? Actually I’m going to count it as both, seeing as I think it would be foolish to do any more work before going to work and doing a 6.5 hour shift, with an early shift to follow tomorrow morning, so I’m going to enjoy my lunch and relax for a bit, content in the knowledge of a job well done. Thank you for being my motivators.. well, you and Abba…. and the Tesco Man.

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  1. Three cheers for Smudgie!
    Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

    And enjoy the new baking tray. And making lots of mess on the old ones before throwing them! 🙂

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