Happy birthday to me

It’s always nice to get a birthday card from a long lost friend through the post.
A bit odd, though, when it’s not your birthday.
Even odder when the long lost friend isn’t anyone you know.

I mean, I do know someone called Roy, but I don’t think the card is from him, seeing as I had a Christmas card from him only a few weeks ago. And the other Roy I recall is a teacher from High School and this certainly isn’t him.

No sender’s address, postmark illegible, but nice message:

“With fondest love and blessings for today and every day. Dear Smudgie,” (Well, I think the name was slightly different, but it was my name, nonetheless). “It was (almost) by chance I came across you registered at this address when doing some research at work. I can’t be sure it is the Smudgie I know but there are not many Smudgies about and it is simething you talked of doing long ago. I admire your courage and hope your independance has brought you freedom and the happiness you deserve. Roy.”

Lovely message – I almost wish I was the Smudgie it was intended for.