Wet trousers

It took for ever to de-ice the car this morning. That’s when a 7am start at work simply isn’t fun, especially when you were working until just after 10 the previous evening. There I stood in the darkness, chipping away with the ice-pick while the engine did its level best to warm up quickly enough to assist me in my herculean task.

Mind you, if I thought that was bad, I hadn’t really anticipated the fun of de-icing an entire minibus with the aid of one cassette case (my new invention – a better scraper for scraping ice off windscreens than a proper windscreen ice scraper!) and one kitchen fishslice (plastic, I hasten to add). The latter is now done for. As were my fingers, at least temporarily.

Still, it was nice to get our kids out into the open air for an hour, seeing as the sun was shining. Off to the playpark we went. Brilliant fun. But what about the slide. I happened to find myself at the top of the slide, just as my colleagues were discussing whether it was safe for one of the kids to use it because it was quite icy. So, self-sacrificing hero that I am, I gave it a test run. The slide was rather narrow – I half expected to get stuck at the top, but was quite gratified to find that I could indeed just slide down it, even if it was a bit painful. In fact, I slid down it jolly well. Quite fast, in fact, as the layer of snow and ice accumulated under my trousers and I found myself shooting downwards at great speed. As I reached the ground we discovered that the slide was now quite safe for my colleagues and kids. The layer of ice and snow had gone. It was now all collected at the bottom. And I don’t mean the bottom of the slide!

Still, I soon warmed up while talking to my boss. He reckoned it was purely accidental that his coffee cup did a triple back somersault off his desk and landed, inverted, in my lap. He didn’t even laugh….. much!

Honestly, it’s a dangerous place I work in.

Tell you something, though. How many people can honestly say that, when they find themselves with the prospect of arriving at work twenty minutes early, are actually quite pleased? Though, as all places, it has its stresses (and I am quite utterly exhausted tonight, which is not an unusual state of affairs after four days at work), I am delighted to say that I still really love my job.

But fun though it may be, it’s really rather nice to find myself here at a quarter past eight, tucked up in bed with my laptop (nearly out of battery – know just how it feels), a good book of which I probably shaln’t stay awake long enough to read more than a couple of lines, a mug of white hot chocolate laced with Baileys, and my beddypenguin (just like a beddybear, only cuter!). Good night. Sleep well. I shall! 🙂

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