Daily Archives: January 1, 2010

Happy new day

My sister decided that, bearing in mind the events of the last few years, wishing me a happy new year was a bit optimistic, so we’re making do with wishing a happy new day. In fact, we decided to play safe and stick to “happy new ten minutes” .. which of course necessitated ten minutely phone calls.. but we then realised that this was maybe a bit impractical, seeing as I had a mount-everest of housework to get done before work.

My cat has a bright blue paw. Not sure how or why, but it’s very pretty.

Leaving the car at work the other day and going in by bus and a walk through Richmond Park seemed like a good idea at the time. Seems wrong to be going in to work on New Year’s Day at all.

Yes, I did see the new year in. Not deliberately, I hasten to add. But you’d have thought a kingsize bed and duvet would be big enough for a mother to cope with having her son sleep alongside her for one night – his room was far too noisy for anyone to sleep in, being right next to the pub – but I was wrong. After several kicks and half a night spent without any duvet whatsoever, I gave up and relocated to his room, judging the band and the fireworks less of an endurance trial… or at least a finite one.

This year my brother didn’t ring until about 9. Bless him. I don’t think he’s ever recovered from the “friendly” greeting he got one new year – my sisters rang him at midnight and left a message on his answerphone saying “give us a quick ring when you get in”, expecting him to be home just after midnight. So when he got in, he rang them, and me. 4.30am!!! I think he’s been afraid ever to phone us to wish us a happy new year since then!

Anyway, I wish you the sort of year I wish myself. That your needs are all supplied and some of your desires met. That you be granted strength for the tough times, comfort for the sad times, appreciation for the happy times, and the health and energy to enjoy the fun times to the full. Because one thing is sure, the year will contain all of the above to some degree or other, no matter what our circumstances. But throughout it all, God will be there by our side, living every minute alongside us, and giving us all we need to live the life we’re given.

So my thoughts and prayers are with you for the coming year, and I trust yours are with us too. Lovely place this, isn’t it?