Daily Archives: October 25, 2009

You’re welcome

This morning I was officially welcomed as a new member (by transfer) of my new home church, and very welcome I felt too. I had to go to the front (how embarrassing!) and be introduced to my massive new church family.

The minister pointed out that the congregation would already have been well aware that I had brought my son with me as everyone had noticed and fallen in love with him already. Good job he wasn’t in the room – his head is swollen enough!

I was asked to renew my vows to serve and support the church family with my prayers, my skills and talents and my love. When I promised “with God’s help, I will” I meant it wholeheartedly, but I didn’t expect to have to put it into practice quite so soon…. nor expect the skills in question to be my first aid training…but helping to patch up a lady who’s had a nasty fall on her way out of church is a good way of getting to know a few more members of the congregation, I find.. especially when they now know you by name already! There again, it was a bit funny that the one person who went blithely off to fetch a bowl of hot water from the kitchen was the one person who didn’t even know where the kitchen was, let alone where the bowls were kept.

I do now.