Daily Archives: October 23, 2009

Rowdy neighbourhood

That’s the trouble with moving from the countryside to the town.
I didn’t sleep too well last night, for obvious reasons, but finally managed to fall into a deep sleep in the early hours, only to be wakened by the Smudgelet, who had in turn been woken by the sounds of someone in distress in the street outside his bedroom window.

A woman screaming for help.

I don’t know what help I thought I could be, as I strode out into the street, blurry eyed, without even stopping to put on my slippers and dressing gown (good job I sleep in pyjamas usually). Not sure of the hour, I guessed it was some altercation spilling over from the nearby pub.

I ended up breaking up a fight.

A fight between two foxes.

I think I’ll go back to bed, now the Smudgelet has gone to school, and actually get some sleep before my morning of phone calls (unlike my friend who may also be experiencing an unwelcome wakening in the early hours – I accidentally left my handbag at her house with my mobile phone in the pocket…. with the alarm set for 6 a.m. !!)