That’ll l’arn yer!

My sister’s been nagging me.

I said I’d ring the MRI unit on Monday to ask about my appointment. But I chickened out. Then I said I’d ring them on Tuesday, but somehow the day was just too busy. I just hate making phone calls like that.

Now, do I tell her that it’s a really good job I rang today or do I just tell her only half the truth and say that my appointment’s on Saturday? She doesn’t really need to know that a mistake had been made, that they’d booked me an urgent appointment last Thursday and forgotten to share that information with me and so had sent my referral back as a “no show”, does she? At least they’re doing the decent thing – they’re fully booked for scans so they’re going to stay after hours on Saturday to do my scan in the evening. I think I might just tell her that. Chicken? Me? You bet!

But somehow I just need to learn my lesson. Next time I ring and don’t put it off.

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