How energetic is that?

What a day.
What. A. Day.

OK, so I’ll admit it started with a lie-in, followed by a luxurious soak in the bath. I can’t really deny that. But it was essential, I say, otherwise I’d never have made myself set out on the walk as it was SUCH a COLD morning!

I walked. And walked. And walked. It was apparently 3/4 hour walk – not a great distance but far enough on a chilly day. It was an essential walk as I was going to Halfords to claim my free bike (Don’t tell the Smudgelet!) which was the sweetener they were offering to anyone joining the gym during September. Typical, I get a new bike just at the same time as the doctor forbids me to ride one! Still, I like in hope – once my eyes are sorted I’ll be able to accompany the Smudgelet on a bike ride or two. Anyway, I was measured up to make sure the bike frame was the right size, and they’re making the bike up for me and I have to collect it on Wednesday and wheel it home.

Thence I walked to the gym and virtuously did my hour’s exercise. I say virtuously. I think it was more “guiltily” as I am supposed to go 2-3 times between each training session and I hadn’t been at all since the last one. I postponed tomorrow’s session and will have to make myself go again tomorrow and Wednesday before my new appointment on Thursday!

Next on the agenda, a walk around New Malden, a bit of shopping, coffee in the church, a bit of thinking about what I might buy for my WISE recipient, a trip to the library, and then the thirty-five minute walk home to fetch the letters I’d forgotten to take with me and then to walk again to the the local post box in the hope that I might beat the strike.

Then the housework. A mountain of washing up, followed by a quick shuffle round the lounge which was looking a tip.

And now I’m wondering. Can I be bothered to travel with the Smudgelet on the bus to his band practice and to spend the waiting time in the gym there (the only place available to wait) or should I simply give in and give him the night off? I don’t want him to miss band, especially as he’s a bit negative about his ability to play and march for the Lord Mayor’s Show next month, but the two people who normally offer him lifts aren’t going tonight and it’s a bit dark for him to go on his own.

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  1. Good grief. Not only did I send him to band and offer to go and meet him and travel home with him at 9, but when I did get there we decided it was far too nice a night to hang around for buses. One bag of chips between us, a good conversation, and a fair pace and we spent a pleasant hour (Good grief, another late night) having some quality time and good exercise. My legs may never be the same again!

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