Daily Archives: October 14, 2009

Are you sure that’s what you meant to say?

Sadly neither of these recent verbal exchanges works quite so well in writing. Work with me on this one.

A nice young man waiting on tables at a wedding recently handed me my chocolate mousse and said, “You’re sweet, madam.” At least, I think that’s what he said.

It was a lot nicer than a couple of days before when I’d been stood for ages at the Post Office counter while the rather nice young man serving there sorted out a problem he was having with the till. Eventually he served me. Then, as he sold me a bar of Galaxy which was on special offer (Yes, I know, strange post office – I’d gone in for stamps!) he said, “I am so so sorry about your excessive weight”.
At least, I think that’s what he said.

The difference between gym instructors

The difference between my two gym instructors can be typified by this one scenario.

When shown to a particularly torture-chamber-style weights machine, I am told to do 12 repetitions.

I do seven repetitions, and then say “I’ve lost count. That was number ten, wasn’t it?”

Instructor number two says “No, it was seven. Five more to go.”

Instructor number one says “No, it was four. Eight more to go.”

I much prefer an instructor who beats me at my own game, even if I come off worst! I need to be able to protest.