Daily Archives: October 10, 2009

Double, double, toil and trouble…

OK, so what sort of a cruel hospital designs the approach to the neurology department so that it is an uphill slope where walls, ceiling and floor are a highly polished dazzling white, the lighting is low and reflected in the floor, and the walls are adorned with what are probably quite beautiful paintings but which are water scenes and deliberately distorted (like the “warp” setting on photoshop). I set out for the hospital this morning unsure of how bad my eyesight was, but that corridor certainly made sure I reached the neurologist feeling dizzy and disorientated!!! Good job I had my good friend with me, supporting my morals to great effect.

Looks like I might be off work again for a while. Interesting that the MRI department’s interpretation of the word “urgent” underlined three times is “in about two to four weeks”. And strange how the comment “Go home and don’t worry” isn’t precisely reassuring. But the neurologist was lovely and I feel confident that he’ll get to the bottom of what’s going on with my vision.

Meanwhile it’s amazing how much you take for granted with your sight. Sorry, I should say how much I take it for granted, as it may be that you appreciate your good vision far more than I. But it’s really quite telling when you begin to feel a bit bored and start to think about what you could do to pass the time while not at work. Read? Go on the computer? (I probably shouldn’t be here, but what do you do?) Watch TV? DO some knitting? Sort the books on the bookshelf? Take the Smudgelet for a game of badminton? Go for a drive? Go window shopping? Get on with my local preacher studies? Write a letter? Not that I can’t do any of those things except the driving or probably the badminton, but they’re far harder when it takes every bit of concentration to focus and keep everything still!

But on the positive side, I can feel myself getting fitter and fitter with all this walking. 😀