Daily Archives: October 8, 2009

Smug and self-satisfied

Yesterday was a decidedly shitty day and best consigned to a deep dark filing cabinet in my memory, preferably one encrusted with cobwebs and century-old dust. And to add insult to injury, my eyes deteriorated again for the day, after two days of thinking they were much better, which means that my car is now stranded at work waiting for me to be able to see clearly enough to drive home safely.

But today I don’t care.

Today I walked the half-hour walk to the leisure centre, and very pleasant walking it was too. It’s quite a nice route and the weather today is gorgeous – bright but not too hot, just right for raising the spirits when walking.
Then I had my first session at the gym. I am afraid he’s going to work me hard! But my trainer is nice and friendly and even made the session with the tape-measure less than too tortuous. (Mind you, I am a little concerned about the distance from the treadmill to the loo. In my Isle of Wight gym you could pause the programme for 90 seconds while you sprinted to the loo, but here it’s at the other end of the leisure centre and through a card-operated door, so I had better start doing a few more pelvic floor exercises of an urgency!!!) An interesting point about the treadmills in this gym is that some of them actually have a telly attached. You can plug your earphones in and watch the telly while you walk!
Best bit of being measured at the gym – I discovered that I need to go on a trip to the tip to dispose of my bathroom scales because they LIE. I have lost weight, after all, if the leisure centre’s ultra-accurate scales are to be believed. I have lost about 10 pounds since I last weighed myself on the Isle of Wight. Yippee 🙂 Amazing how motivating that news was – as a result I actually chose to walk the half hour home instead of catching the train as planned.

I also managed a little bit of exploring in New Malden and discovered a really lovely little cafe where I treated myself to a healthy lunch. The economy drive was blown slightly, though, as both my boys seem to have been having a growth spurt. Two pairs of trainers (one each) and a new pair of hiking boots for the Smudgelet (who’s off on a night-hike at the weekend) made a nice little dent in my finances. The shop assistant was not impressed with my suggestion that they might make a fortune if they marketted a spray for boys’ feet to stop them growing so fast (with added deodorant as a bonus feature). She pointed out that this would have a bit of an impact upon their turnover of shoes.

My sense of feeling virtuous was increased by me deciding to pack the Smudgelet’s bag for camp (he won’t have time to do it himself, unfortunately) as he’s off tomorrow night. Now all that remains for today is to tidy the lounge and the kitchen in anticipation of a visitor calling in to deliver something for the Smudgelet and then I can think about what delicious ways to spend the rest of my day.