Daily Archives: August 7, 2009

No, Charlie

Charlie, much as I appreciate and admire your amazing capacity for finding new, unusual and perfectly snug places to curl up and sleep, such as the cupboard in the Smudgelet’s room and the pile of empty cardboard boxes in the hall, I have to say that this new place, snug as it looks, really will not do.

You may not, repeat not, sleep in the microwave.

Another word to the wise

When the driving instructor, at the end of day one of your minibus driver training, says that you need to remember to bring a clean driving license with you for the following day’s test, this does not mean that when you get home after sitting for four hours in a roasting-tin of a mobile classroom watching powerpoint presentations in sauna-like conditions, throwing your jeans into the washing machine without checking the back pocket is a good idea.

Yes, I had a very clean license. Good job it was the photo one and not the paper counterfoil, wasn’t it?