I dunnit

Please excuse me while I brag for a moment.
I have just passed my minibus driver’s test.
I can now menace the populace of London with our work’s minibus – or will be able to once head office ratify my certificate.

Four minor faults: My wheel going once into the cycle lane, although the lane was empty at the time and I had been keeping an eye on it in my mirror; one late bit of indication ( 😛 to my sister who always complains that I indicate too early!); one raised pedestrian crossing taken a little too fast – entirely because I didn’t notice it was raised until it was too late to slow down enough; and one single occasions when I crossed my hands on the steering wheel. Not bad for someone who’s never driven a minibus or anything like it in her life before this morning! I also had to learn and pass a test in how to put people in wheelchairs safely into the minibus and secure both chair and passenger.

With the theory training and test yesterday morning before work for four hours, and the practical another three hours today in the middle of my shift after an early start, and then a colleague going home sick and me volunteering to stay on, I am now more than ready for my bed.

Now, do I celebrate my new qualification or hide it? Do I really want to take that minibus out on the roads of London??????

5 thoughts on “I dunnit

  1. And… driving in London… [Melangell faints at the very thought, then recovers sufficiently to applaud the valiant Smudgie]

  2. Congratulations and um….something else related to driving in London, but I can’t think of an appropriate word for that type of achievement….or not one which isn’t unflatteringly related to the fine line between bravery and insanity 😉

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