Daily Archives: August 5, 2009

I am greatly relieved to report….

… that the lovely plumber came at the crack of dawn on Monday and now I can go with a clear conscience (and without a peg on my nose and wellies on my feet)*

*I originally typed “without wellies and a peg on my nose” but luckily the mental image made me giggle in time for me to change it before getting loads of facetious remarks in the comments. Not that I would ever dream of making comments like that on anyone else’s blog, of course!

Another word to the wise

When you have just slipped your bare feet into a handy pair of shoes to pop out to the dustbin with a bit of rubbish, it is not, repeat not, the time to act upon the impulse to go and tackle those tenacious nettles which have taken over the end of your garden. Amazing what protection socks give to your ankles, isn’t it?

A word to the wise

When standing under the shower, wondering why there’s no water coming out, check to see whether you’ve pulled the little lever on the taps to divert the water from the bath to the shower attachment. Conversely, when leaning over the bath to put the plug in while starting the water running, remember to check first whether the same little lever has really gone back to the “bath” setting before wondering why your back and shoulders are soaking wet.