Oh s%&*

Why do things always, but always, go wrong on a Friday?
It means that I can’t get hold of the landlord to send a plumber to sort out our loo, which, not to put too fine a point to it, is not the world’s most pleasant place to be right now. The rest I will leave to your imaginations, which I am sure will do justice to the situation.
At least we’re not around much this weekend, with a trip to Ice Age 3 3D, a shift at work, and a long journey to deliver the Smudgelet to Taunton.

He’s going to be away a fortnight. Longest he’s ever been away. Actually, he’s going to be away from home for an entire month, with me spending some of that time with him. It feels a bit… well…. odd. I’m rather concerned I might just miss him.

8 thoughts on “Oh s%&*

  1. ((Smudgie))

    And hurrah for you being out and about: perhaps a photography blog of local facilities is called for? 😉

  2. Hugs. Hope you handle the “you” time ok and get to chill and recharge during the break.

  3. I know how you feel – Benjamin has just left for a week at my parents’ and it feels very odd without him. He’s loving being all grown up and independent though!

  4. Enjoy the break and remember to get some ‘you’ time to stop and smell the flowers; as the saying goes 😉

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