Monthly Archives: May 2009

We’re still here, or there, or somewhere

Sorry I have been rather conspicuous by my absence, but we’ve been a bit busy, like.
We still are the owners of two homes and bobbing backwards and forwards between the two, one gradually becoming emptier, one gradually becoming fuller. At the moment we’re in the latter, for a rather extended stay which I’ll blog about later.

Life continues to be eventful, and I am still waiting for news of my new job. The Smudgelet joins us in the new flat this evening so today’s task is to find a bedroom for him to sleep in! I guess I’d better make a start.

Overheard at a car boot sale #2

On our stall at the car boot sale were three glass ornaments, one of them a pear and two of them apples. They used to have maggots in them, but sadly the maggots all broke or got lost. But the glass fruit was rather attractive and soon sold.

Smudgelet (holding up the glass pear): Is this supposed to be a pear?
Uncle J and Mum simultaneously, from opposite ends of the stall: No, there’s only one.

Passersby begin to crease up with laughter as the comment clearly goes straight over the Smudgelet’s head.

Smudgelet (holding up one of the apples): But what about this? This looks like a piece of fruit too. Is this an apple?
Uncle J and Mum simultaneously, from opposite ends of the stall: No, that one is definitely half of a pair.

Passersby complete their creasing up with laughter, partly because of the stereo effect of the replies and mainly because it all continues to go straight over the Smudgelet’s head.

For Kerensa

Super conveninet, simple, easy hand-shredder. Only shred except film, plastic paper, wrinkles paper, also moist paper, tissue paper ect. Suitable to shred 2 piece normal paper or 1 piece namecard in thickness. Safetty, easy and simple, suitable for office, family to protect secret. Shreded-paper utilizable: substitute to shock proof to avoid broken. The raw material for shred-paper picture. Mattess for animal.
Hand shredder- safety simple and easy with hand. It is faicility to site anywhere in office. Convenient to throw away shredded paper from box.
Note: it’s danger to tounch the shred-slash with hand; to avoid danger, keep this shredder away from babies and children; it is special for shred paper, can’t for other use; pay attention to avoid rolled necktie, hair, necklance in operation. The substance cover box tightly when operating.

(Spelling as on box – the typos are theirs, not mine!)

I’m still standing…

Partly because if I sat down I’d never get up again.
I realised this morning that it has been some time since last I shared with you my pearls of wisdom.
This has been because I have been stuck in a box.
Or rather, loads of boxes.
And still it doesn’t seem to be making any impact on the clutter.

One week to go, Smudgie, one week to go.

Ooh, exciting

The car is all loaded up with bits and bobs.
The house is a mound of clutter and boxes and bits and bobs in various stages of packing.
And today
I go
to the mainland

to take over my new flat and put up a shed 😀