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Is this me me or her her?

Just out of interest, I am stealing Deeleea’s meme and doing it for me, but instead of simply writing 25 amazingly uninteresting things about me, I am going to leave in place all the ones of Deeleea’s which apply to me too, on the grounds that reading hers felt remarkably like reading about myself… with one or two notable exceptions.

  1. I like using computers for lots of things, but think that you can’t actually beat pen and paper for letters and cards… and for organising my diary (not that I do too well with pen and paper either)
  2. I am the baby sister of three, aunt of three nephews, two great-nieces, four step-nephews and four step-great-nieces, godmother to two-and-a-bit.
  3. I didn’t get my driving license until I turned 21, which was far later than most of my peers, but I wasn’t too bothered about that.
  4. I am ridiculously uncomfortable in crowds unless I have some sort of purpose, love being 1:1 with friends, and am curiously content on my own (except when feeling lonely).
  5. I nearly went to China as a teacher a lifetime ago.
  6. Despite having lived here for 20 years, I love the fact that the Isle of Wight isn’t attached to the mainland and still love crossing the Solent – I just hate the cost!
  7. I hardly ever drink at all. In fact, my alcohol consumption has been described as binge-drinking. About two units a year (though this year I’ve drunk a little more, mainly in hot chocolate to help with sleeping.)
  8. If you ask me what I think I will probably drive you mad trying to work out precisely what I do think as I can usually see both sides of an argument.
  9. Money and the management thereof scares the crap out of me and also bores me rigid.
  10. I’m a total sucker for crime fighting drama. Even more so if the detective is attractive (guy attractive, not girl attractive.)
  11. I live near the beach and walk past it often but spend far too little time on it.
  12. If I had to give up coffee permanently I’d be really, really, really pissed off (the same goes for cheese).
  13. I am considering giving up my safe job to do… goodness knows what. (And am very scared!)
  14. I have only just given in and bought an MP3 player – but splurged somewhat and went for MP4 – after never having wanted one at all. I love it, but I hate the sensation of things stuck in my ears.
  15. I’ve been a Christian since I was in my teens, but it feels longer because I was born and raised in the church. I think it’s a blessing, except for the days when I don’t. Usually those days I’m thinking of doing something I ought not to do.
  16. My favourite place at school was the library. Nerdsville. Actually these days I read a whole lot less than I’d like to but I’m a whole lot more discerning about what I read.
  17. If I had to grow my own food it would be a really steep learning curve for me… problem is not getting things to grow, it’s staying committed to the process… I get bored easily when things don’t happen fast enough.
  18. I generally never write about my work online. I have a big fat rule that says never put anything out there that you wouldn’t want someone to know/hear because once it’s out there you can never get it back.
  19. In a related thought, I reckon it’s really stupid to write letters to people when you’re pissed off. But I’m no good at doing them face to face in conversations. I write a mean letter when I’m calm, though!
  20. I have discovered that lighthearted bullying is the teaching style to which I respond best and that as long as I can see myself making progress I love to push myself to the limit and respond to the challenge – but if I can’t see any progress I’m inclined to give up.
  21. When I get angry it always ends in tears and I can’t keep angry for long it turns into sadness. I think this is a real plus because I’d hate to be the kind that holds grudges.
  22. If I had my life to live all over again, I’d mostly make the same mistakes.
  23. I’m a cat person. I like dogs, really I do, but actually don’t want to own one.
  24. When I get anxious, which I try not to do but fail pretty often at, I get a really badly knotted stomach and feel sick, so sick. Once I was anxious for 3 months and ate little more than  toast. I lost 2 dress sizes… but I won’t let that happen again. (The anxiety, that is, I’d love to lose the dress sizes…)
  25. I have to go now cos there’s a crime drama on TV .


OK, so it was me.

I obviously need new “read the instructions” glasses – perhaps ones not tempered with “I know what I’m doing” tinting which sort of distorts what you read.

Still, at least I can do a link now.

Here is a glimpse of the choir whose music and story has gone deep down into my soul – it’s not a very good video but I hope it makes you smile as much as it did me. Goodness, they nearly had me dancing – not a pretty sight!


Ooh, I have just heard my little carriage clock ping.
I love it when it does that.

Do you think I really ought to go and get the Smudgelet from his after school club if it’s really that late?

Accidental calories

I actually feel quite pleased with myself.
The car developed a very expensive sounding clunk at the weekend whenever I released the handbrake, so I took it into the garage and they promised to sort it out. They informed me later that I had taken it in just in time and saved myself a far greater expense! 🙂 But that’s not the reason I’m pleased with myself.

I’m pleased with myself because, instead of catching the bus, I walked home from the garage, and walked back there next day to collect the car. One hour and forty minutes of brisk walking in each direction. And I didn’t even get out of breath!

Only trouble was, I was waylaid on the way to fetch the car. I couldn’t help it. I had no option. I was forced to break my diet by the accidental ingestion of some Eccle Fechan Butter Pie.

What happened was that just as I was passing one of my favourite cafes, I realised that I was very very thirsty. I mean, it’s not good to dehydrate during exercise, is it? Any sensible person makes sure they take in plenty of fluid. So stopping at the cafe was my duty. Trouble was, I hadn’t any money with me, only my bank card.

They accept bank cards there, but not for just one drink. You have to spend a bit more than that. And the fruit, sadly, was far far too cheap to make up the minimum charge. But there, smiling at me from the top shelf of the cake cabinet, was some very healthy looking Eccle Fechan Butter Cake. The lady next to me in the queue was fascinated by it and desperately wanted to know what it tasted like, but hadn’t time to eat a slice, so it was clearly my Christian duty to sacrifice my diet and test it for her.

So I did.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm – de – li – ci – ous 😀

P.S If you’re a wiblogger reading this, could you have a go at doing a link in your next blog, so that Chris can see whether it’s a problem all of my own or whether I share it with others. Ta muchly.

That’s gratitude!

Last Friday, when I went for the last of my sessions with my trainer at the gym, he was very complimentary about my progress (appalling lack of loss of weight, but rather pleasing loss of inches and increase in stamina). I had to fill in an evaluation sheet about the whole five-week course, including a comment about which of the trainers I’d found most helpful. So, completely honestly, I said how wonderful and helpful and encouraging Mark had been. (The others were good, but he was the one who really oversaw my programme and had been key to me wanting to do it all over again).

What do I find when I go to the gym today? He’s increased all my settings! Up one notch on EVERYTHING! The ratbag!


Half an hour to clean the kitchen, then an hour doing the ironing in front of the telly, and then off to meet the Smudgelet out of Music Centre and go to the gym.
It’d be a doddle if I had some oomph. Anyone got any they can lend me?
Or a kick up the proverbial would probably do the trick.

Trouble is, my computer desk’s in the sunniest part of the house, with a view of the doves in the trees, and the sound of birdsong echoing through the windows…. sitting here is just soooooo pleasant.