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Feeling a little tens

OK, prizes for who spotted the spelling mistake in the title of today’s blog! Ha, fooled you! There isn’t one.

Did I mention, by the way, the rather tasty meal you can get at our new favourite pub for just £3.50? Guess where I’ve just arrived home from! This is the way to regain your appetite.

So why am I feeling tens? My sister has a problem with her neck which the doctors have said can’t be treated, despite it causing her chronic and fairly debilitating pain. So yesterday she decided to buy a tens machine. We decided the initials stand for: Torture via Electrical Nasty Sensations. The mere English language is insufficient to describe the hysteria which this little machine caused in two mature ladies, as each watched the other inflicting themselves to the most weird sensations imaginable as the machine tapped and vibrated and kneeded in an unpredictable way, sending our muscles and nerves a-twitching and jumping in all directions. And that was just on the lowest of settings… even though my sister, with a malicious glint in her eye, suggested she might turn the machine to a higher setting for me because I didn’t have any pain to overcome! I did nearly die from the experience, mind – I was just swallowing a mouthful of my drink when my sister, who did the first trial of the machine, suddenly leapt from her seat in surprise at the sensation in her shoulder. We were already both laughing uncontrollably, but I then choked on the glass of water, then couldn’t regain my composure and had to race hurriedly to the bathroom before I a) vomited or b) wet myself!!! I don’t think either of us have laughed so much in years.


Smudgelet: Mummy, why don’t you get married and have a baby like E has?
Mummy: It’s not quite that simple, Smudgelet. First I’d have to find the perfect person to marry and who wanted to marry me. It’s not happened yet (I didn’t mention that each of the events HAS happened, just not simultaneously with the same person!) And even then I wouldn’t necessarily have a baby.
Smudgelet: Why not?
Mummy: (hmmm…. how does one tackle with an 11 year old the topic of being to old for childbearing?) Well, I’m heading for being old enough to be a grandmother so by the time the husband I haven’t got and I were ready to have a child, I’d be too old to be a mum.
Smudgelet: Well that’s simple, then. Just ask E if you can borrow her husband for a night or two to get you pregnant and then you needn’t worry about getting married.


I’ve asked her to check his diary! ;o)

Wiblog entry for 29/09/2008

Moyra, thank you so much for your comments. Such support from someone I don’t even know and who doesn’t know me. Thanks! You are also in my prayers.

The rest of you (you know who you are!!!) – well, what would I do without you? Thank you so much for your messages, prayers, cards, gifts and small black-and-white fluffy hugs and especially for your love.

There are people who will be pleased to know that I have been eating properly this weekend, though I am still (this may test your credulity to the limits, mind) unable to face chocolate! I have a nice stash awaiting me when I do start, though, unless the Smudgelet gets there first!!! But Soozywoozy, the carvery is VERY good and highly recommended and I think will be becoming a recurrant feature in the coming days.


I got through.

That’s our birthday weekend all but sorted out now. A special event for my birthday, overnight in a posh hotel (as you do) and then a trip to visit Tiddles for two hours on his birthday. They were brilliant on the visitors line – would you believe that she even recognised my voice and greeted me with “It’s Smudgie, isn’t it?” Well, to be honest, if you believe that, you’ll believe anything, but she did recognise me sufficiently to greet me by my first name, and also help me come up with a strategy for taking Smudgelet to visit. Superb.

Problem of the week, if you’re considering praying for me, is that I am inundated with professional support and offers of counselling for myself, but I am having considerable difficulty finding the appropriate professional support for the Smudgelet who really needs it and has asked for it to be found for him quickly. (I mean professional support, not friends or family, to tackle some very specific difficulties). I could rant and rave quite happily about this difficulty. He needs it, and he needs it when HE wants it.

Achievement of the week – well, we may not have walked the circumference of the Island yet, but my sister and I have made a real impact on the state of the garden. 😀


Yes, you may well regret having restored me to my wiblog admin link. I mean, I am off work at the moment, after all….. However, any strange mangled words or spellings or anything I can currently blame on the fact that I am typing on the laptop which is not the world’s most helpful implement. Bring back pen and paper, that’s what I say.

Today is the day when I seem doomed to sit by the phone. The phone number to use to book a visit with my eldest has only one line and this is used for all 400 families asking to book visits to their sons. Getting through is a nightmare and I’ve heard of people totally missing the chance to visit simply because they did not start phoning early or persistantly enough. But I am determined to be with him for the maximum visit of two hours on his birthday and THEY WILL HEAR ME! Actually, once you finally get through, they are lovely and very helpful.

This being tied permanently to the telephone does have its compensations. My sister is here for a week and has brought her “Walk the Coastal Path” book with her with a rather determined look in her eye. What idiot bought her THAT book, I wonder!

This blog entry is brought to you courtesy of Mr Orthodox himself…

… who miraculously worked out what the url is for my wiblog admin, seeing as I had never thought to bookmark it on my laptop and my computer has rather inconveniently exploded. What is is with me and technology? Why does it hate me so much?

Life here goes on apace, with one topic pretty well monopolising our thoughts and words, but with plenty of other things to keep us occupied. Today and yesterday we found the purchase of flowers for the garden to be a perfect excuse for lunch out at the garden centre, and having discovered that our local hostelry has just opened under new management and is doing a carvery for just £3.50, I think we’ve managed to suss out what we’ll be doing for lunch tomorrow.

The highlight of today, though, was a mammoth surprise. A note through the door from the postman informed me that it would be a good idea to check my garage pretty promptly. And what should be there but the most beautiful bouquet of flowers I have ever seen. I took a risk and allowed the Smudgelet to arrange them, seeing as neither my sister nor I are any good with flowers and it was easier to cope with the Smudgelet spoiling them than spoiling them ourselves! Actually, I think we were all three of us rather impressed with his success.

Will you look at these!

The counsellor (a really good one) who is currently supporting me by telephone said to me “You must feel really alone right now”. I was able to say “Oh no, far from it. I feel surrounded and protected by an amazing group of people and by God. I just feel totally let down by the people who are supposed to be the ones I can turn to. But who could sit here looking at this beautiful bouquet and feel in any way alone?

Out of Africa

Sand Sculpture at Le Touquet

After an entire afternoon of trying to get them online, our photos of France are now up and ready to view if you feel so inclined. I am not mistaken, by the way – this was only a little taste of Africa in the midst of our week in France.


Thank you so much for your wonderful comments, the hugs and the prayers

(and especially any virtual chocolate! – It will be a clear sign what a shock this has been if I tell you I’m not even really eating real chocolate, my appetite is so affected. It’s downright unfair that I don’t seem to be losing any weight. My brother lost half a stone in five days!)

May I reiterate that I’m not incommunicado so if you have my email address and want to use it, please do. Phoning maybe isn’t that effective as I’m rather difficult to get hold of – the phone’s buzzing full time). Half the time my world’s in pieces, half the time it’s simply surreal as I’m used to him not being at home while he’s at school and it just feels quite ordinary. Today holds another step towards it becoming more real…or possibly less so.

And no, we’re not afraid to enjoy the fun bits or to laugh through the hard bits, any more than we’re afraid to cry. There are just so many funny stories I could tell you if I could. (I can tell you that I told him this may be the making of him – after all, in the last two weeks he’s read more books than he’s ever read in his life, and written more letters too!)

But your love and prayers and support for us all are invaluable. You lot are fantastic!

Prayers please

May I ask once again for your prayers – this time for me and the Smudgelet for tomorrow afternoon.
I apologise for my cryptic prayers up until now. I can now be more specific.
My son has been arrested and is in prison on remand. He will be convicted. We are struggling, though God is good and His hand is most certainly and tangibly upon us all. Interviews, court dates, visits, and the downtimes of loss – we are so in need of your prayers over the next few months. All of us. (And others besides).


First oooooooooh is that I believe we may have caught up with Smudgelet’s homework backlog, thanks to Rosamarvellousmundi and my middle nephew (bless him) and are now trying to get ahead of the next batch.

Second ooooooooooooh is that a friend has brought me a fresh baked loaf as well as another batch of flapjack. I may be on a rather hit-and-miss diet at the moment, but who can resist fresh bread and jam for supper?

Third oooooooooooooh – the same friend is looking for an excuse to go and see Mammamia again… I think I may be going out next weekend! 😉

Fourth ooooooooooh – God has an amazing knack of answering prayers before you even pray them sometimes and I think he may have done it today. He’s certainly done it rather often in recent weeks.