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Cryptic comments

Sorry for the cryptic comments – I can’t really elucidate (partly because I don’t know how to spell it) as it’s not mine to tell. Suffice to say that yesterday was yet another emotional upheaval in the Smudgie Towers household – parenting adopted children has some pretty mega upheavals entailed within it! One or two people know specifically, because I needed their help with it directly, most people knew only that we were all in need of prayer. I can only say that all went absolutely as well as could be expected and I am immensely proud of the strength of character of both my boys as well as being intensely grateful for the prayers of friends and the total grace of God.

Please continue to remember my boys as they work their way through this state of maturing into the knowledge of what adoption really means, and of dealing with the jumble of emotions that it necessarily entails. I mean, the teenage years are bad enough on their own, without so many other things to come to terms with.

Meanwhile I’m frantically frantically struggling to get the bungalow ready for visitors. Friday is coming far far too quickly!!!

I love freecycle

It’s not bad at all for getting things for free and for finding a new home for various bits of clutter (not that you can notice the difference yet) but it’s absolutely brilliant for renewing old friendships. This is the second time that a stranger at the door turned out to be the close relative of a long lost friend (heralded by the words “Do I know you from somewhere?”).

By the way, those of you who are watching this for special news, both sons are reacting as one would expect… and in many ways better than I had any right to hope for. Please keep remembering us all in your prayers. Tomorrow is the big day. Then I think there may be repercussions to come – I wish life could be more plain sailing for my lovely boys.

Guilt and garlic

It’s not very often that we sleep through church, well not without going there in the first place. Today we woke far too late. I woke in time, but ran myself a lovely warm deep bath and succumbed to the temptation to close my eyes for a second or two… or three…. or several hundred…. and the boys didn’t wake at all until nearly half past ten after their late night last night. It wouldn’t be so bad if we hadn’t been too tired to go this evening too. I feel bad, especially as I’m writing an assignment about the meaning of sacrifice!

As if that weren’t enough, we actually spent a large part of the day out enjoying God’s beautiful fresh air, cold winds, and celebrating the harvest. No, not exactly a harvest festival, more of a garlic festival. (I’ll learn to do links properly one day, but not today)

I love the Garlic Festival. It’s brill! 😀 If you’ve ever tasted garlic-flavoured icecream you’ll understand. With trade stalls, food stalls with all sorts of Island produce (much of it involving garlic), information stalls, live music, side shows and various arena performances, it’s inevitably a bit of an expensive day out but an absolutely fabulous one.

Experience of the day, though, was meeting the amazing Titan the Robot. Smudgelet and I think we have it sussed. If you’ve never seen it before, there’s loads of bits on You-tube and it truly is worth seeing. Really funny, and quite impressive (even when you do think you’ve sussed it!) We got some photos – I’ll try to get chance to post them.


I love it.
I love the family atmosphere and the anticipation.

We got seats right in the centre of the third row of ringside seats. It was a gamble – Honorary Auntie M pointed out we might be safer in the very back row, but as it happened a bloke in the most inaccessible seat in the very back row got custard-pied so nowhere was safe at all!

And it was worth the anticipation. It was a wonderful show. The boys were open-mouthed in amazement, when they weren’t bent double at the antics of the really rather brilliant clown (whom I discovered at one point sitting on my lap and gazing lovingly into my eyes!). Smudgelet, having only on Friday passed his Cycling Proficiency test at long last, was enraptured by the skill and daring of the BMX rider, while Tiddles was captivated once again by the girl on the silks dangling from the roof of the tent (though not totally sure whether it was her amazing skill and daring or the fact that she was 14, rather beautiful, and very skantily clad!). For me, it was the strength and physical control of the strong men (OK, so they were rather good looking too, but that was beside the point!), one lifting another above his head in a straight arm lift — and by that I mean both straight armed, with one inverted above the other and held only by their mutual hand grip (if that makes sense); one holding his own body in a cruciform shape from a vertical pole; both flying through the air from a springboard and landing, one on the other’s shoulders…. And Honorary Auntie M had her breath taken away by the skill and confidence of a woman on a high loop of cloth who seemed just to plummet towards earth, only to stop herself by rapidly twisting a foot in the material and coming to a sudden halt in what looked a physically impossible pose!

Anything make you think we had fun last night?

I have been terribly remiss

Trouble is, with so much housework to be done, blogging seems like a terrible time-wasting indulgence so I don’t allow myself to do it. This sounds extremely virtuous. It would be, if I didn’t then say to myself “just a quick game of freecell to compensate for not letting myself blog”…. Jack the Lass’s title of procrastinator queen is in serious danger, methinks.

Life is good, busy, hectic, wonderful, fun, trying, and just as life generally is at Smudgie Towers. My brother joined us for a week to do some decorating, bless his heart, so my lounge now looks no different in colour but fresher and brighter and a testimony to the fact that Dulux’s claims that their new paints intensify the light in a room are, in fact, true. 😀 And the Smudgelet will soon have a “new” bedroom to call his almost-own (apart from the stowing of some junk and books in a corner of it – if the rest of the house has to house it, then why should his room be exempt?). I’m pleased with the results.. or will be when I finally finish it and allow him in. In the meantime, he and his brother are sleeping in a tent on the lawn. Good isn’t it? Have three new rooms built onto our home and then evict the children into the garden!

So there may be some sundry posts appearing over the next couple of days, in between frantically trying to get the house in good order before Friday when we go to France and my sister’s-husband’s-son’s-ex and family come to Charlie-and-Pavlova-sit. (I have come up with an evil plan which will make the task more manageable…. shove all the junk and the ironing in Tiddles’ bedroom and lock the door 😀 )