New arrivals

I didn’t manage to go dog walking today. I was far too busy getting our home ready for the arrival of the new addition to the family. The RSPCA had to do a home-check of course, make sure we were well prepared for our new responsibility and knew what we were letting ourself in for. So that meant making sure everywhere was clean and tidy and just right for the inspection and then taking myself and the home over to Merstone to the RSPCA.

What do you mean, doesn’t the inspector come to us? That’d be a bit unnecessary don’t you think?

Hold on, you didn’t think we were getting a dog, did you? I told you, I don’t like dogs as pets. And being out at work, it wouldn’t be fair to have a dog either. Besides, how would I explain that to Charlie.

No, Pavlova is a roborovski hamster. Or rather, Pavlova are roborovski hamsters. It is the most adorable little family of five, a mother and four daughters (thus swinging the balance of the sexes in this household back in my favour) and Smudgelet has decided that it is fair to name them all the same. After all, they’re fairly indistinguishable from each other and it’d be very rude to refer to them by the wrong name. This was, if anyone asks “Which one is your favourite?”, we can quite honestly answer “Pavlova” without hurting the feelings of any of them.

They are actually “watching pets” rather than “handling pets”, as they’re small and fast and very squirmy, but tame as tame can be and so inquisitive. And they’re full of fun – running and playing and squabbling and climbing and exploring and very keen to come and see what you’re up to every time you walk past. If you think Smudgelet isn’t the only one to be totally enchanted by them, you’d be right. They’re about 4cm long and have white eyebrows over their beady, sparkly eyes. And they’re gorgeous!

Pavlova Pavlova

Pavlova Pavlova

7 thoughts on “New arrivals

  1. Not sure whether to say ‘Ha!’ or ‘Bother!’, as I’ve been proved right, but I hadn’t yet sent you an email saying that, given your past form, I’d only believe you were getting a dog once there was much firmer proof of it happening 😛

    Pavlova, Pavlova, Pavlova, Pavlova and Pavlova look lovely. Did the RSPCA agree that their home is Charlie-proof, though?

  2. You tease! 🙂

    Oh, they do look wonderful though. All the best to the Pavlovas! [an Australian dessert btw: don’t let Deeleea convince you otherwise! :)]

  3. What fun! I notice the "log" in the Pavlova cage. Our guinea pig also has one of those logs for climbing around or for eating, but he rarely eats any. Do the Pavlovas eat theirs?

  4. I’m Pavlova, head of scuttling, this is Pavlova, head of nibbling, Pavlova, head of squeaking, Pavlova, head of scratching and Pavlova, head of furriness. What’s your name, mate? What, not Pavlova? Doesn’t that get a bit confusing?

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