Daily Archives: June 14, 2008

Dog (s) of the day (s)

It’s only today that I’ve found the lead to let me download the latest photos onto Flickr.
Computer lead, that is, not dog lead.
I managed two trips to the RSPCA during the week last week – despite having to take the car to the garage yet again – and spent time with two dogs. One was our lovely little friend Muffin, who on Tuesday went out for a drag – the spirit was willing but the little legs were weak! – but on Thursday was so full of beans that he virtually skipped all the way round the walk and even broke out into quite an energetic run. He’s such a sweetheart – one of those dogs who simply has to make eye contact with you again and again and walks so close to your legs that you could wear him as a slipper!

My new acquaintance, who confirmed my reasons for preferring cats to dogs, was Naz. Smudgelet has been in hysterics at my impression of this bow-legged treasure with a sleek coat and no manners whatsoever. This is a real “man” dog. No silly fussing and skipping for Naz, he was out for two things and two things only – to roll in anything disgusting he could find and to eat poo. Bless him. I can’t say I fell in love with this one, though I’m sure he has his endearing qualities. But there’s no mistaking, this is a dog with a mission and he’s not the dog for me.


Today we went for a mega-walk, staying long enough to take three dogs on the circuit. The first was our friend Muffin. It really is so sweet how utterly attached this little dog is to the Smudgelet. Muffin

Then we got to meet our second Westie. His name’s Oscar and he’s quite a contrast to Muffin. An elderly gent, he went round at a more sedate pace, stopping to water every daisy, and managed only a single circuit (though taking probably twice as long to complete it). His ears are really poorly and manky inside and he’s deaf as a post. Stubborn little fellow, though. I did rather like him, even though he hadn’t got Muffin’s spring.

In contrast, our third dog of the day was Blue. Smudgelet loved walking this one because this dog wanted to play. In fact, wanted to play almost too much! Strong and stubborn but totally friendly and adorable, this dog gave my shoulder muscles a good workout. Strangely he is unable to eat solid food at all, and needs help to swallow liquids, so it meant we had to make sure he didn’t eat anything and we couldn’t give him a biscuit, however tempting it was.

So you think I have been protesting too much about my determination not to have a dog? Well, watch this space for news of a new addition to the family…… *blush*

What? Pay £130?

The staffroom noticeboard offered us tickets for £130.
But that would have been a bit extravagent seeing as how we can hear it from here. And that’s with the windows closed!!!
I must remember to set out early for church tomorrow.

I love the Isle of Wight Festival! :o)