Talking of being a proud mummy

I think he has an eye for a good photo, and even he was taken aback by how they looked when I printed them out in A4 and put them in a frame.

He still thinks I’m just saying it to make him feel good, though. He won’t believe he has a good awareness of what makes a good photo. But this set on Flickr are the ones he took in Scotland – yes, they were taken with a digital camera so he could have taken hundreds and picked the best, but these were all the photos he took, some fairly run-of-the-mill though with something in each to redeem it, some rather nicely composed (I think, but then I’m biased). Clicking on a photo will take you to the rest.

My favourites:

Scotland 1

Scotland 6

Scotland 5

Scotland 13

6 thoughts on “Talking of being a proud mummy

  1. LOVE the bathtub and the crow – awesome photos … I can appreciate the perfectly titivated/photoshopped etc photo (after working for a graphic designer brother for 3 years!) but I much rather candid amateur shots – they just have so much more reality – and those are good!

  2. I’m glad that he enjoyed his work experience and received a greta confidence boost.

    I do like the photos, especially the crow.

  3. Have not seen this til now, love em!

    Am fond of the bathtub especially. Reminds me of the one that was used as a water trough in my Nan’s field when I was a kid. Almost identical! 🙂

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