Daily Archives: June 1, 2008

Dog-free day

No dog walking Saturday as we were otherwise engaged. Photos to follow when I can wrest my brother’s camera off him and download the pictures. Guess who took her own camera out for the day and forgot she’d left the SD card in the laptop!

Yesterday we adopted a subtle plan – so’s not to get too attached to Paddy (too late, too late) we decided we’d walk two dogs, Paddy and another. It was a good ploy. We walked Paddy first, and were warned that by next weekend he’ll almost certainly be gone. I have to admit that my heart skipped a beat. I hasten to add that I have not, at any point whatsoever, been imagining our home with a little black dog in it. Nor have I glanced at Charlie and wondered what he’d think of a dog in the family. Stupid, isn’t it? I really am not a dog lover at all and I know that I do not want one – I don’t want the commitment, the smell (I really don’t like the smell), the constant following, the smell, the being-tied-down, the smell or the simple dogginess of a dog and I couldn’t be happier with Charlie, and what’s more I know that we would not be able to give a dog the time and attention it would deserve. But I really am rather smitten with little Paddy and will be sad the day I turn up to walk him and find him gone. I keep reminding Smudgelet that the sad thing is that he is there for us to walk him as it means he hasn’t a home and spends most of his day shut in a kennel. For Paddy, the day that he’s not there will be a good day.

So, enter our new friend…. Muffin


Isn’t that one gorgeous little fellow? And much more sedate! To Smudgelet’s delight, Muffin instantly idolised him. Whenever Smudgelet dropped behind when we were walking, Muffin just had to wait for him to catch up. If Smudgelet walked a little faster, Muffin’s little legs started to trot to catch up. And heaven forbid that I should try to walk in between the two of them. I was just holder of the lead, otherwise surplus to requirements.

For the first time it was a shame I couldn’t hand the lead over. You have to be 16 to be a dog walker for the RSPCA (Even Tiddles isn’t really allowed to hold the lead) so poor Smudgelet is left with a less exciting job. He’s the SUPER DUPER POOPER SCOOPER!

True love Super duper Pooper Scooper