Monthly Archives: May 2008

Testing, testing.

Yes, wiblog still seems to be working…despite me managing to delete the URL for my admin page while twiddling with the settings on my new, lovely, adorable, cooperative computer.

Mind you, it is far far too late for me to type anything now. I’ll just have to leave you on tenterhooks. There again, the chances of a good night’s sleep tonight are slim, if the last couple of nights are anything to go by. Depends on whether my new anti-new-hayfever tactics work or not. If not I may be making good use of the hours of darkness – two nights ago I amazed myself by what I was able to achieve at 3am, both in terms of housework and in terms of studying despite streaming itchy eyes and a persistant cough. But I’m banking on sleep tonight. Please.

In fact the only reason I am still here and conscious…. well, semi-conscious, anyway…. is that I have just this minute finished writing a letter of application with which I might add I am well pleased. I don’t have great confidence that it will get me the job, but it won’t be for want of trying. More problematic is the fact that there is a new regulation saying that we have to show certified evidence of our teaching qualifications. This is in the form of a piece of A4 paper that I was given four house moves and about 17 years ago and which is now… well, your guess is as good as mine. I’m putting my money on it being in my loft, amidst nearly 20 years’ worth of accumulated bumph. Chances of me finding it in time for an interview, if indeed an interview I am granted? Pretty well zilch, I reckon. And typical – it’s a job I’d really like to get.

There’s more news on the reorganisation front, but we’re sworn to secrecy. And I wouldn’t be telling you now anyway. Cos I’s a-goin’ to bed.