Well, I survived the night, despite being asked every three minutes by a concerned Smudgelet whether I was still OK, and despite every kiss from Tiddles being on the spot he usually kisses – right on my forehead – and every snuggle being on the left hand side where my hip was decidedly bruised. However I don’t look like road kill this morning, amazingly, and had a good night’s sleep.

The good news is that Paddy has a new home to go to and so fears of getting too attached are easily allayed. (No, Jack, I remain resolute. I do!) But we are all very much besotted with this lovely boy… who is turning out definitely to be a bit of a mummy’s boy! :o) We walked him again yesterday with great pleasure, and it was lovely how pleased he was to see us. Mind you, poor old Smudgelet had another disappointment – despite us taking a lovely new ball for him to play with, Paddy was determined to spend his off-the-lead time having a snuggle with me rather than a play with the Smudgelet, despite all attempts to persuade him otherwise.


4 thoughts on “Whimper

  1. Having seen the photo on your Flickr I rushed here to see if you were getting a dog, but no!!
    Oh, and glad you’re okay from your senior moment!

  2. Yes, glad you’re OK. (I think you should kidnap Paddy before the new people get their hands on him)

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