Last weekend was the weekend we took Tiddles to look round the college open day. Great fun was had by all. I just had to share a photo or two of some of our favourite things…. not that they had very much to do with learning (and indeed I think that taking Tiddles there when there were loads of fun things on was a bit of a mistake too – I’m not sure I trust his motives for deciding he really wants to go there!)

Watch that boy go!

Come on Tiddles, pus some effort in Go Smudgelet, go,,, you're winning the race

And this was, in my opinion, the coolest game of table football ever. It was like a bouncy castle with metal poles stretching from side to side, and on the poles were cylinders of strong material with handles attached. This material would slide left and right along the poles so that the team members holding the handles could move from side to side like the players on a table football game. They were not allowed to let go at all, and one playing moving would move the rest who were attached to the same pole. You’ll notice Tiddles played in goal. We will not discuss how many goals he let in, or which team won. Smudgelet decided he wasn’t too keen on playing. I was just thinking of having a go when the last place was taken (I hesitated only because I thought Smudgelet would want to play and my idiot elder son had brought his laptop with him for the day and I had to mind it!!!)

The best game of table football ever!

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