Bank Holiday

I didn’t really mean to leave you on a cliff hanger. While Ian isn’t looking, I’ll tell the rest of you that my little tuba player, who only a few weeks ago was giving up because the tuba was too difficult (I only found out he’d been skipping his lessons and the windband when I told him I was getting the tickets for the next wind band concert and asked what time he needed to be there!), came home with an uncontrollably inane grin and a piece of paper declaring that he’d lost 13 marks. Dreadful! 😉 87 percent and some rather complementary comments and I have to say a rather pleased mummy!

At the same time I heard that I had definitely passed Section A of my local preacher training (at last) with some rather pleasing marks too – though none so good as 87 percent! Only three sections to go!

It’s been a busy week.

Smudgelet had his first ever camp as a Scout this weekend, in the mud and rain. He came home brown from head to toe (a combination of mud and hot chocolate!) and with a bag full of soggy, muddy, grimy, smelly belongings. Needless to say, his boots were rammed in the bag with his sleeping bag and pillow – bless him. He had a fantastic time, despite coming home covered with scratches and cuts from having to rescue his tent from the brambles which prevented it being blown away altogether in the middle of the night! Thank goodness he and his patrol were able to relocate to the First Aid tent. He also, much to my dismay, passed his Knife and Axe Proficiency which now permits him to carry a penknife…. and, to my great amazement, came second in the competition for most helpful Scout of the camp. Obviously he’d been storing up his energies for this one, and has now run out completely.

That's my boy - the latest addition to the Boy Spouts

Tiddles meanwhile is home and doing his work experience at the RSPCA. He enjoyed it thoroughly up until yesterday but, with two more days to go, has now declared that it’s boring because there’s nothing new to do, he’s just doing the same things again! ;o) He’s fallen in love with ferrets, though, and is desperate to persuade me that we want one. Failed! Now, it’s a good job that neither of them realise how easy I’d be to persuade to have a rabbit!

The big job is constantly reminding the two of them that I do not, ever, intend to have a dog. Nor, until Charlie goes to the big cattery in the sky, will we be having another cat, no matter how adorable and appealing they are. In fact, the big job is reminding ME that we will not be having another cat. Oh, but there are some real cuties there. :o( At least we can be fairly sure that, being so adorable, someone is bound to fall in love with them soon and offer them a far better home than we could at the moment. I don’t want a dog under any circumstances, though. But…

Hmmm, the cliffhanger bit doesn’t really work when the newest posts appear above the older ones, does it?

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  1. I think the RSPCA has a policy of not sending dogs to homes where the adults work full time, anyway, because dogs are sociable animals and it’s not fair.

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