Daily Archives: May 24, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust

I didn’t tell you, did I, of Smudgelet’s End-Of-SATs treat. Well, he’d worked so hard and kept so calm and sensible about his SATs tests that I thought he deserved a special treat, even though he had a special weekend planned for his birthday. So, as he’d asked for a CD of QUEEN on his birthday list, I booked tickets (at great expense) to take him to a concert by a tribute band called Mercury.

I felt a bit out of place. Outside the door were loads of real fans, dressed to the nines (many of them smoking and many more were drinking in the bar). I like Queen’s music, but I’m not really the sort of person who gets all hyped up about rock concerts – I prefer a nice bit of classical, me. And I’m really not into tribute bands. Seems a bit sad, really, these people prancing around pretending to be someone else rather than having the confidence to use their musical talent to make it as themselves. The guy who was “Freddie Mercury” prompted a rather giggly reaction from me. But the music was amazing. The chap on keyboards was particularly good as he had one arm in plaster and was playing literally single handed. And the effects were really quite atmospheric.

Did Smudgelet enjoy it? I kept looking at him and he looked more and more pale and miserable. He held my hand tight and wouldn’t let go. As I got more and more into the music and the atmosphere, he slumped in his chair in distress. The reason? Well, even with earplugs in, the whole experience was just too too loud. I’d forgotten that he has a bit of a hypersensitivity to sound. (Since taking the battery out of the smoke alarm I haven’t witnessed the tears and distress for a while). He begged me to let him go home. 🙁

Compromise: a word in the ear of a kind and considerate steward, and we find ourselves sitting in a dark corner of the floor just outside the theatre by the icecream stall. We couldn’t see, and had to promise we wouldn’t try to peep round the curtains over the doors. But we could hear. And it was just the right volume, with the soundproofing of the theatre and these thick thick curtains. All of a sudden my boy’s eyes brightened and he really enjoyed the remainder of the concert. The souvenir salesman felt sorry for him and gave him some souvenir posters free of charge. As for me, I got pins and needles!

All change

There seems to be a lot of change on the agenda.

First of all, I am totally reorganising my lounge, yet again. My brother had the brainwave of moving my computer desk nearer the window. It was an inspired suggestion. It’s made for a lovely place to sit and work (work?) as well as opening the lounge up considerably. It’s rather chaotic in the meantime, though. And next on the agenda is completely reorganising the Smudgelet’s room.

Also the IOW council has finally made their mind up, sort of, as regards the reorganisation of education on the Island. They are now keeping most of the primary schools open by relocating them completely into the newly empty middle schools. Hmmmm…. the school stays open but moves? Our school, of course, closes… as do all the middle schools. I have to decide which way to jump. I’ve selected a move to the older age group, though with reservations, because the other part of the announcement is that the secondary schools will themselves be two-tier, with completely separate Junior High schools for ages 11 to 14. That, I think, is where I will be most able to maintain a sensible work/home balance, if not where I will be happiest. But then I am an ardent supporter of the Middle School system and really would rather be staying in that type of school.

The new Key Stage Three curriculum is coming in too. It’s hard to get enthusiastic about it and invest a lot of time and energy into planning for it when we know it’s only for two years! But it looks good. I think I may be quite involved in working in Key Stage Three for my remaining time as a middle school teacher.

And the last aspect of change – I seem to have swapped sons. Smudgelet is not here. He is at camp. In the wind and rain! Friday to Monday, including being invested as a Boy Sprout on Monday lunchtime (Bother… that means I have to go to collect him earlier than I’d hoped!) And Tiddles has arrived home, via his friend’s house where he spent today shearing his first sheep (plural) and saving the life of a lamb who had got tangled in the electric fence. It’s good to see him. He’s all on edge as his work experience starts tomorrow. I can’t believe he’s old enough to be doing work experience. He was keen to show me his new-found muscles by doing situps and pressups before bed – most impressive, I must say. He said he’s learning to lift weights too, but I wasn’t so impressed with that – he couldn’t even lift me a millimetre off the ground.