Plans for July: Somehow get everything done in the next eight days and leave for our holidays with a clear conscience, a painfree knee and a healthy gerbil. Travel first to Hastings for two days, then on to France, before returning home via Canterbury.

Plans for August: Come home from holiday. Enjoy all the free activities on the Island for three weeks. Declutter the home and sort out some boxes. Find where on earth I put my portfolio of finished (and half-finished) essays. Get a bit fitter. Relax more. Go to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. 😀 Have an extension built.

Plans for September: Make an impression at work so that my job becomes a bit more secure and I get chance to do my performance management thingies which lead to a few more pennies in the bank. Possibly do an extra afternoon a week as the school’s data manager if the new Head agrees. Get a bit fitter. Formally recommence my training as a local preacher. (I have arranged to visit a friend monthly to discuss issues raised by the course and to help me keep up a good pace of work – saves me having to spend quite so much time with a tutor). Live 😀

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