Hopping mad

A bit of sympathy wouldn’t go amiss. Not that I tend to do sympathy, as my kids will doubtless tell you. But I have a poorly knee and it’s a downright nuisance. I want it to be better, and I want it to be better NOW

Not that I am a wimp when it comes to a bit of pain. I can put up with it. But it’s just so inconvenient. I have one week, and one week only, to resurrect my home from the depths of tip-itude before a friend comes to stay in it while we are away. In fact, I have one day to get it looking semi-habitable-and-hygienic before a certain Wiblogger arrives bearing…. hmmm, bearing shiny bead necklaces to bribe the inhabitants – maybe I won’t worry too much then! But getting it ready to let for ten days is a nightmare as it’s extremely cluttered and about to get worse. Yes, the sale of Dad’s bungalow is also almost complete and so poor hopalong is looking at seriously emptying the place of all the sundry bits and bobs before my brother comes down to move all the furniture into my garage. And of course, the garage needs clearing to make room for the furniture too. Alas, alack… all this with a poorly knee.

I was a bit frustrated when I saw the nurse this morning and she clearly thought it was psychosomatic because I didn’t want to clear Dad’s bungalow and would find it hard. Some aspects of it are hard – I can’t quite face taking his pictures of the wall – but on the whole the only thing that’s stopping me doing the rest is that I can’t carry it at the moment, and seriously daren’t try to lift it into the loft.

Meanwhile, with impeccable timing, I have a poorly car (needs new cambelt… heap big money!) and a poorly gerbil (trust my gerbil to have a skin disease which has the vets foxed) and my front door still doesn’t shut. However I have clean and dry washing 😀 I can watch videos as well as DVDs 😀 My boiler still seems to be working fine 😀 And I never, but never, wake up in the middle of the night with fears that I may die of boredom !

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