A new son

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my new son.

Actually, to tell the truth, it’s not exactly a new son, it’s my old son… one I haven’t seen for a long time.
Yes, Tiddles is home from school (or rather, was home from school – he’s gone again now) and I have got to say that God did great and wonderful things in leading us to that school. Even folk who don’t know my boy very well and don’t know the circumstances have commented in the change in his demeanour, his attitude, the way he stands, and the great smile of self-confidence on his face.

My sister’s heart sank when she went to pick him up for me and, on arrival at the school, was told that it was important that whoever picked him up should go and speak to one of his teachers before they left. With heart in boots she went in search of this teacher who said “I just had to let you know how impressed we all are with the start that he’s made here. He’s really thrown himself into school life and has done really well”. He has come home with a glowing first report – the first glowing report I can remember – but more to the point he has come home with a hug, with a desire to help, with loads of stories, and with a sense of responsibility already noticeable.

I think he’s noticed a difference in the knock-on effect of how he’s treated. He’s had a trip up the Spinnaker Tower with Honorary Auntie M, a serious amount of spending money for France from me, and is as I write probably lying exhausted in a bunk on TS Royalist – his dream come true as we managed to get sponsorship for him to spend a week on this sail training ship.

Best of all for both of us was the knowledge that when I threw my arms round him and said how much I’d missed him and how pleased I was to have him home, we both knew I meant it. 😀

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