Daily Archives: July 4, 2007

Walking funny

I really ought to take those walking boots out of the car.

Yes, we left them in there so that there’d be no excuse for not going for a walk if we were out somewhere and the opportunity arose – working on the basis that we don’t go for “proper” walks straight from home so the car was the best place to keep them. However, we don’t often go for “proper” walks from the car either. And as the summer months approach – or more accurately, as I use the car heating system to counteract the chill in the far-from-summery summer air – the aroma of “used walking boot” is somewhat overwhelming.

Yesterday was such a lovely warm afternoon that I opened the car window to let some slightly fresher and less pongy air into the car. Knowing that my sojourn at home was only temporary, I left the window open while I came in and had my tea before leaping back into the car to go and pick Smudgelet up from pottery.

It was the soggy feeling around the knicker area, together with the splashing sound as my feet touched the pedals, that made me think that maybe I should have checked the clouds overhead before leaving the car window open…. and the wrinkling of the nose suggested that it might be a good thing to take the walking boots OUT of the car.