Daily Archives: July 3, 2007

Moral dilemma

My good friend, the Honorary Auntie M, rang me tonight with a question.
“What are your feelings about Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?”

Having first thought of all the facetious comments I could make at that point, I faced the dilemma.
The musical is on at The Mayflower in Southampton.
Honorary Auntie M really wants to go and she wants us to go with her.
Smudgelet really wants to go – he adores Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
I really want to take Smudgelet, really want to go with M, really want to see it myself cos I think it will be brilliant.

So what’s the problem?

Well, being pecuniarily embarrassed at the moment, and with the quote for the extension turning up at about £10,000 more than planned, and with a holiday booked that we can’t really afford right now, I had decided that I was going to have to start being more sensible with money and treats, at least until France is over (the holiday, that is, not the country). Tightening belts was going to have to include trips to the theatre etc. When I had seen details of the show and first thought how much we’d love to go, I had thought it through and decided that it was a definite “no go” – a show that would cost us nearly £100 were we all to go, once we’d paid for the ferry and something to eat. I’d made the decision, reconciled myself to it, broke the news to a hopeful Smudgelet when he suggested we might go…. after all, we’ve missed plays before and the world hasn’t come to an end, and the deprivation won’t be for ever (hopefully), but it’s wrong to be borrowing money on one hand and spending it madly on treats on the other hand.

I explained this to M.

“How about if I paid? How about if I suggested it as an advance birthday present? And I owe Smudgelet a treat as I gave Tiddles a treat for starting school”.

The time would have passed anyway

An ancient family word of wisdom from my nephew when he was about ten. My sister commented that she was doing something to pass the time, and he replied that the time would have passed anyway, had she done that or not. Out of the mouths of babes…

I am sitting here to pass the time. It’s a bit late to be doing so, actually. I was planning to get a lot done tonight but could not get properly into any of it as I was awaiting a policeman. We’re not doing very well at getting Smudgelet and a policeman in the same location at the same time. Either the policeman gets called away for far more important purposes than taking a statement from a small boy who’s been bullied on the bus (hmmm… not sure what messages this gives to my indignant Smudgelet) or Smudgelet and I get stranded on the mainland by an out-of-action ferry and miss our appointed meeting with said policeman. I’m impressed with how Smudgelet’s dealing with the wait – it’s now about five weeks since the incident – and find myself struggling to keep the momentum of going ahead with pressing charges, although I think that something has to be done. But the “we’ll be there some time around six, depending on how busy we are” seems to have stretched on rather far into the night and I somehow don’t think they’d get much sense out of my sleeping beauty if they were to arrive now.

Meanwhile this blog is brought to you in between visits to a place which, in rather vulgar parlance, rhymes with it. I have a horrible suspicion that I have managed to pick up a kidney infection. What surprises me is that I did not realise that kidney infections can cause.. how can I express this gentilely?… a dire effect in the rear. The periodic punch to the small of the back, though, is an expected and unwanted symptom… and typically just when I need such a thing least. Botheration.

However, the main reason for blogging tonight is just to smile proudly. My year sixes, sevens and eights got their SATs results today. 😀 Fantastic work, kids. Who cares whether we’re top or bottom of the league table? (We’re bottom, if you hadn’t guessed) -when kids like mine make progress like this, there’s nothing more we could ask of them.