Mummy’s taking us to the zoo tomorrow

Well, “took us to the zoo yesterday” would be more appropriate.
A fantastic day – indescribably fun. A little too late to bed for a certain young man, due to the Red Jet being cancelled!!! but many memories and far too many photos for me to share. But if you fancy seeing some animals -and in particular to see Smudgelet overcome his fear of snakes and also almost become tiger-food – then nip along to flickr. If I could work out how to make these photos into a link then I’d do so, but as it is you’re just going to have to find it for yourself!

Baby meerkat

Mmmmm... tasty

One thought on “Mummy’s taking us to the zoo tomorrow

  1. Either you found out how to link to Flickr or it does it for you!!!…..I clicked on one of the photos and thouroughly enjoyed my visit to Marwell zoo. Thanks

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