Daily Archives: June 24, 2007

Mwahahahaha …. sweet (clean) revenge

While Smudgelet was in the bath, getting himself clean and ready for bed, I did a quick clean-up in the kitchen.
Then, with a clear conscience, I called him to do the last of his investigations – a swab test of the work surfaces.
He had a rather interesting stick made of some white substance. He had carefully to open the wrapper halfway, hold the stick about half way up, and slide the anged tip along the work surface. Then he had to return it to the wrapper, squeeze a little bubble of liquid at the bottom until it burst and allowed the yellow substance to flow over the tip of the stick. And then he had to remove it and report on the colour it turned – yellow would imply the surface was clean, but any sign of bacteria would turn green or blue.

I was most relieved to find the tip of the swab stayed pristine yellow.

Suddenly Smudgelet cried out “But look, it’s turning green”. In total surprise, I looked and discovered…. it was turning bright green about half way up the swab stick. Yes, precisely where his fingers, clean from the bath, had been holding it! 😀 😀 😀

Strange but true… next thing I knew he was at the kitchen sink, washing his hands!