Empty nest

Yes, my baby is gone.
How ironic – a month or so ago I couldn’t wait to see the back of him, last week I was fighting back the tears at the thought of him going, and this week I spent the first few days as a total wreck, unable to think of anything but how he was doing.

We delivered him safely last Sunday. Two delightful lads had given up their entire day to watch out for his arrival and help him settle in. My sister had decided to accompany us on our visit, just in case she needed to know where the school was for any reason (just as well – she didn’t know at the time that she was going to end up volunteering to fetch him home for the summer for me!), so it was a lovely family day out and we found a delightful spot for a picnic before arriving at the school.

Tiddles was incredibly nervous – nerves and excitement all rolled into one. I can remember thinking how hard it would be simply to leave him there and drive away. As it was, it was eased by a certain circumstance – a mountain of second-hand uniform waiting in matron’s office for him, all of it needing labels sewn on. The team of two matrons, myself and a rather reluctant auntie took an hour of sewing to get it all labelled up (and all four of us chickened out of turning his trousers up and simply left them for the laundry lady with a note that they needed four inches taking off!). The benefit was that this was after we’d had our third school tour, he’d tried his uniform on, he’d found where he was sleeping… which meant he went off and played with M and M, his two new classmates, and just called back occasionally to see whether we were ready to leave yet. By 4pm he was itching to say goodbye and get on with some serious swimming in their beautiful outdoor pool, and I felt all the happier for seeing him so well settled….. in fact, I managed to drive all the way back to my sister’s before bursting into tears!

He is homesick, of course. This is quite something for a boy who has difficulty feeling his feelings. He rang me Tuesday night. It was so good to hear his voice – I’d been battling against the desire to ring matron and ask how he was! But I bravely and without a single noticeable quiver in my voice suggested he shouldn’t ring again before the weekend but should save his money and spend the time getting to know his new classmates better instead.

I do miss him, though.

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  1. good to hear from you (at last!!!) I’ve been wondering how things were doing .Glad to know that Tiddles seems settled.

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