Rough justice

I regretted saying “As long as you’re honest and own up who stole it, nothing more will be said about it”. Cos when Smudgelet, after some very convincing amateur dramatics which had me almost at the point of believing that it must have been the “voice-recording-keyring-fairy” who took it as both boys were so utterly adamant that they were innocent, finally said “I don’t like being accused so I am going to admit it – it was me” I couldn’t do anything despite the fact that he was totally unrepentant.

Am I evil for having a sly chuckle when I discovered I didn’t need to say or do anything?

He came storming up to me this morning from the breakfast table. “Tiddles keeps going on and on about me stealing that keyring and he won’t let it drop and it’s really getting on my nerves” he ranted indignantly.
“Oh dear,” I replied. “Maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that he’s working really hard to regain my trust and was a bit put out that you convinced me that it was HIM who had stolen it. And possibly it might be to do with the fact that I suggested you might apologise to him for blaming him when you both knew all along it was you, but you refused to do so. How about you go back in there and realise that it’s the natural consequence of what you chose to do and say… and that a sincere apology would have gone a long way at the appropriate time.”

Mwahahahahahahaha… and I didn’t have to do a thing 😀

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  1. congratulations – on the wicked evil laugh – and the awesome ‘mumming’ – you’re a meany 🙂 (in the best possible way of course!)

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