The theme of this month’s contemplative and creative worship day was the Fruits of the Spirit.
Wonderful. I love these days, but they really convince me that the sooner they replace the pews with chairs and tables, the better. And I find it difficult to still myself completely or get engrossed in an activity when there’s no sense of isolation – either aloneness or in a crowd of people – and especially when my kids are running round playing and interrupting me every five minutes. But I managed it while sitting in a quiet corner and reading 1 Corinthians chapters 12 and 13, and for a few moments at the individual “fruit stations”.

The fruits I chose to pray for were peace and patience. I wonder why.

No post today.

6 thoughts on “Fruit

  1. You know, I had the very same thought. But the pews take up so much space that there isn’t even room for a beanbag!

  2. Fab sounding service – I want to come 🙂

    As for no post…. I want to know! Now! *stamps foot*

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