Daily Archives: May 27, 2007

Here endeth the girly weekend :(

Oh well, it was really really nice while it lasted!

This morning I woke with a migraine. I expect a lot of the others woke with aching heads and nausea too, but probably from quite different reasons. After a little time parting company with my breakfast, (T.M.I!) I returned to bed and slept through until now. I’m just experimenting with a bite of lunch before returning to my bed for another half hour to try to clear the residual headache. (Why am I online with a headache? Stupid woman!)

Still, at least I was awake when the phone call came. My poor babies: the camp has had to be called off due to torrential rain. They’ve been looking forward to it for so long. I’d been looking forward to it for so long! So later this afternoon I have to get up and dressed, hope the head is clear enough to drive safely, and go and collect Smudgelet from the campsite. Tiddles, with the older ones, is headed back to Scout Headquarters to camp on the floor overnight there and return tomorrow to help take the sodden tents down. At least it means I can get them bathed and into a snug warm bed and their clothes through the wash separately. But that’s my weekend gone 🙁 Oh phooey! And Oh phooey on their behalf too.

I am now totally engrossed in The Eyre Affair (and like the anonymous commenter, am convinced I’m missing half the jokes, so will doubtless have to read it again).

Footloose is a modern musical set in America about a boy from Chicago who has to move to a small town in the middle of nowhere with his mum when his father walks out. He discovers that the town is ruled by the town council, led by the vicar, and that dancing is banned by law. I was afraid it was going to be all about how stuffy and staid and out of date Christianity is… but it isn’t directly so. It really looked at the dilemma the vicar faces in leading the flock he cares for in the right path and learning that he doesn’t always make the right choices, although he does it for the right reasons. Similarly his relationship with his wife and his daughter. It’s pretty standard fare, but I liked the fact that his love, integrety and motivation shine through. Of course, the main thrust of the story is the boy’s rebellion, and his relationship with the vicar’s daughter who’s also rebelling.. and the music and some pretty impressive dancing. And yes, this is the musical with the song Footloose, and also “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” and… oh the memory comes flooding back.. “I Need a Hero!” during which the stage was invaded by four rather hunky men in rather limited attire…. a fireman, a lifeguard, a pilot and, oh no, I can’t remember what the fourth one was dressed as. Shocking! ;o) (of course, they were all too young for me!)